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Click the links below to learn more about Courier Services, Delivery Services and Secretary of State Services.

Click the links below to learn more about:

Courier Services

Delivery Services

Secretary of State Services

There is really not an industry we would not have ability to serve, though we prefer to avoid delivery of freight that goes against our moral standards or is highly hazardous to the environment.  We carry loads through Illinois and to the states in each direction of our home base. 

To get an idea of the type of freight or packages we have delivered, an overview with examples is provided below:

  • Automotive – including motor parts
  • Financial – including bank work
  • Pharmaceuticals – drugs, wheelchairs
  • Services – such as accountants, title companies, and lawyers
  • Government – primarily quick-turnaround items at the Secretary of State, such as driver’s licenses, articles of incorporation, etc.
  • Healthcare – dentists, hospital equipment, transcription services, and more
  • Organ Donation Procurements - "On call" delivery of organ procurements for hospitals and labs. Since time is of the essence, we are also on standby after hours to deliver these items promptly.
  • Retail – furniture, electronics, various other stock

Our goal is to expand our reach and routes every day.  If we are able to serve you, it is our intent to do so.








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