Secretary of State

Our operations continue to grow stronger, as does our client base. We work together as a team, the successes rippling from person to person, business to business, client to client.

Residing in our state capital has its benefits given the amount of paperwork and mail flowing in and out of the state buildings.  A primary service offered by Alpha & Omega Couriers, is same day delivery and return of paperwork to/from the Secretary of State’s (SOS) offices. 

Our ‘hand delivery’ method saves you time and money.  If you Fed Ex to the Secretary of State, it takes approximately two weeks for processing.  If you send to Alpha & Omega Couriers, it works like this…for example, a Chicago lawyer will send legal documents to us to hand-deliver to the SOS.  This is often paperwork regarding the return of a driver’s license or for filing of articles of incorporation.  We personally deliver the paperwork, wait for it to be processed, and return it to the law office the same/next day.  Driver’s licenses are typically returned in 24 hours.  We save you the time, the gas expense, and the wait.

If you are interested in utilizing our Secretary of State services:

  • The rate is $25.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours for each person or company’s paperwork.
  • Return trips are $25 per person on Traffic only.
  • Information must arrive to Alpha & Omega Couriers by 3:00p.m. for same day turnaround.
  • If you or your clients are in need of this service, contact us at 217-544-9433 for more information.



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