Message from the owner

None of us can do it alone - In addition to internal strength and faith in God, seek the support of friends and other business professionals. Be humble, not prideful, and ask for perspective and advice where you can and synthesize it to apply according to your personal or business needs.Alpha & Omega – the people and the business – are representative of surviving and thriving.  We have encountered and overcome adversity, taking the form of lost accounts, a home fire, turnover and taxation, retirement plan losses, and family issues – all in rapid succession.

In August of 2000, a large expediting company procured A&O to handle a local account.  In deciding to service this client, we made the decision to invest in seven tractors.  After enjoying only a 5-month relationship at $15K per week, the company transferred the account to an in-house carrier on January 3, 2001, providing us a 3-day notice of cancellation of contract.  Only three days later, Sunday, January 6, a fire broke out in the attic of our home.  Thankfully, our family escaped safely.  Concurrently, we fought the insurance battles involved with building a new home, and dealt with employment and taxation laws and 401k battles. 

We did our best to stay focused, engaged attorneys for assistance, and learned the best route was to create the Courier entity of the business.  To keep our trucking company going we decided to lease trailers and find loads for ourselves.  This meant Ron Pierce (Lisa's husband) had to serve as an over-the-road driver to contribute.  Worth mentioning, is that shortly after founding the company, Lisa became pregnant after believing this was not a possibility.  Approximately two years after our son William was born, in 2002 we became guardians of our two-year old nephew, Austin.  As a working mother with a husband on the road, two five-year olds (now) at home, and a business riddled with difficulties, there was no time or need to ponder.  There was work to do.  Failure was not an option to us.  People's livelihood depended on it.
Even with the loss of the house and a large portion of our revenues, we were thankful to have our lives and to still have our businesses.  We knew that God would get us through this no matter how bleak it seemed.  We looked at Alpha & Omega as though it was God's business, not ours. We were just in charge of taking care of it.  He would lead us to where we were supposed to be.  So our advice to anyone facing adversity?

Never give up - just like God never gives up on us.  We chose to put our employees first, even if it meant sacrificing our own needs.  This concern was our foundation for keeping the faith.  This attention to serving them parlayed itself into serving our clients.  Our operations grew stronger, as did our client base.  We began to work together as a team, the successes rippling from person to person, business to business.


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