Who we are: A & O Team

We are all one big family in God's book. We just keep truckin' toward our dreams.My how fun flies when you are serving time on this celestial globe called earth! Economics have taken their toll on this business and I am still here. Maybe not so much with a team and no longer two businesses. But I thank God each day for the opportunity to continue to serve Him and those in need of courier service in Springfield, Illinois.

Lisa Pierce, Owner
Lisa, owner, is a graduate of Illinois College where she received a Bachelor's degree in Economics. She worked her way through college delivering papers for the area newspaper, the State Journal Register. After college, she took a secretarial job with trucking company, working her way up to eventually being approached about becoming an agent for them. This resulted in the birth of Alpha & Omega. Married to Ron Pierce, they have 2 boys William and Austin soon to be graduating. Lisa's belief is that if she puts all things in God's hands, all things are possible.

Ron Pierce
Ron has since gone to work for a local company in Auburn. He works for BAB Grain just like when we met over 20 years ago. A veteran of the road, Ron is happy in the wide-open spaces, and most content returning home to the family he loves.




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