Welcome to Alpha & Omega Delivery

We offer customer service from beginning to end for most of your Secretary of State office delivery needs!Welcome to the Alpha & Omega Delivery, Inc. Web site – the place to come for all of your local state offices delivery needs.  We are not one of the big guys, and that means every customer is important to us and treated with special care – the type of care you find in businesses with loyal employees who do not accept less than the highest standard of quality, integrity and service. 

Alpha & Omega is owned and operated by Lisa Pierce – yes, a woman in a predominately male industry, perhaps providing that unique edge!   We are a faith-based business and we serve accordingly.  Your best interest is our primary interest.

One company is now the only one represented on the site:

Alpha & Omega Delivery - A local special courier/messenger service.

We serve only in Springfield, Illinois and mainly to attorneys, legal firms, accountants and their clients from all over the United States. 

We hope to educate you on how to improve your business or life by giving us a chance to show you we can help to expedite paperwork through the system. We value your time and business. We believe it imparative to help you to have happy customers who are telling others about the service you provided to them. We believe that customer service is our priority and yours.

Give us a shot…it’s not in us to let you down. 


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